Financial Data Warehouse and Risk Management

How to speedup an application by 370% and take costs to 50%

Big International Bank in Germany

We were challenged with a Financial Datawarehouse and and application that was doing risk management and reporting of all kinds of regulatory information. The application had Datawarehouse typical Jobs like “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Monthly” etc. The calculation runtimes of these jobs were taking too much time. We analyzed the application and infrastructure, made concepts, budget and project plans and implemented the new solution with a runtime reduction of 75% - or performance boost of 350%. Further costs for hardware were cut down by 50% (compared to a 1:1 refresh of hard and software). Further the platform provides scalability for future growth. The Application was and still is written in SAS as batch jobs. The platform today includes standard servers of the preferred customers supplier, including NVMe over Fabric and InfiniBand. Total raw capacity of storage was close to 1PB.