It is about Hardware and Software. We do both.

We know how to create the right infrastructure for your project. We know about Hardware Infrastructure (Network, Servers, Storage, HPC) and we know about software architecture and how to design and combine everything to the best solution for you: in terms of budget, performance, maintenance and operating.

Software Architecture

In times of Microservices, Docker, Kubernetes and other technologies we are not talking about technologies for platforms. We are talking about modern ways to create and manage software and to run them. We are talking about different database solutions, about queueing and messaging, about programming languages, about modern software architecture patterns. And we talk about legacy monolithic applications, and if you really want to about Mainframe. And with all these topics we will never forget about the business benefit and use case. And we make things measurable.

Hardware and Platform Architecture

All these ways to run you applications need their own platform or infrastructure. This needs to match your application. These two should be tailored together for perfect performance.

We are happy to have with you any kind of hardware infrastructure project:

  1. compute
  2. storage
  3. network
  4. scheduling
  5. infrastructure software