Services that grow with your business

We offer professional IT consulting services: simple, plain, direct, transparent, hype-less but in the right mix of bleeding-edge and seriously stable. You know your business best. We know IT - and how to use this to sucessfully support and improve your business. We analyze your business-driven challenges and find and implement the right solutions for you. We fill the gap between Business Consultants and Soft/Hardware providers: With focus on your technical but business driven challenge we will find and implement the right solution for you.

Fullstack System Integration

In short summary, we are a System integrators with extra abilities. We analyze the challenges and issues, provide concepts, solutions and are able to implement them for or together with you.

Architecture: Hardware and Software

We know how to create the right infrastructure for your project. We know about Hardware Infrastructure (Network,...

Management: Projects

We offer Project Management Services for all of your IT Projects: Hardware Refreshes, Storage Migrations, Datacenter...